28-Day Autumn Body Reset Challenge

Starting 18 September 2017

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An Online course to fit in with your lifestyle

Quick & Easy Healthy recipes

Exercises for your daily 4-minute workout at home

Tools & tips to help you transform to a new you!



Back to School! 

Would you like to get back on track after the summer holidays and get into great shape?

Leigh-on-Sea Nutritionist, Melanie Ryan and Personal Trainer Tracy Swindell, from One Body Coach, invite you to join the 28-Day Autumn Body Reset. 

Our 28-Day Challenge is all about putting a spring in your step and getting you looking and feeling your best, ready to take on the world again after the long, hot summer!! The Autumn Body Reset starts on 18 September and includes a delicious seasonal food plan, body stats at the beginning and end, plus full support from Tracy and Melanie via a private Facebook group.

Everyone is welcome!

Starting on 18 September – this is how the 28-Day Challenge works....

  • Body stats (muscle and body fat%, metabolic age) measured at beginning (Sunday, 17 September - the day before we start) and end (Sunday, 15 October).
  • Fitness assessment (optional) with Tracy - places are limited - please contact Tracy to book your slot!
  • a PDF packed with easy, yummy, family-friendly recipes to download to your phone or tablet so you can take them to the shops with you, provided by Melanie
  • Easy to learn, yet still challenging exercises for every level of fitness provided by Tracy
  • 7 day/week support from an expert Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer via the closed Autumn Body Reset Facebook Group - use the group to to meet your fellow participants, swap tips and recipes, ask questions, and share your successes.

Typical Results:

  • Re-establishment healthy habits
  • Reduction of body fat, muscle building
  • Improved energy
  • Fitter and stronger
  • Weight loss

Have fun!!

Cost: £69

Let former Challengers speak for themselves: 

“The biggest changes for me were eating regular meals and snacks throughout the day and of course the prepping! I did NOT feel hungry which is great so I’m not constantly thinking about food because I feel very satis ed. Generally felt good, training has been easier, running is getting faster and sleeping well. The result I am delighted about is my metabolic age is now 30!! And I have lost weight and body fat. If you are thinking of doing the Challenge, just do it! It’s easy to follow, the food is really tasty, you don’t feel hungry and the results prove it works!
— Amanda
... DO IT! I feel better for it in so many ways; better, lighter, healthier. It’s about putting you first and getting in balance
— Rachel
...the camaraderie and support of the group on good days and maybe not so good days was always there and always spurred you on. Other people’s food creations and the exchange of where to buy stu etc etc was brilliant. True strength in numbers for sure!!!
— Esther