Enjoy a day with Zest

If you follow my blog and read my newsletter you may be aware that I am a zest4life Practitioner, leading zest4life Health & Weight Loss Programmes in Leigh-on-Sea.

When I get enquiries about the programme, I am frequently asked: “What can I eat?” – “Are there any meal replacements involved?” My website’s motto is: “Learn to Love Real Food”, and that’s what it’s all about. On zest4life Programmes, we do not use meal replacement, we just use “real food”. There will be no ready meals or highly processed foods. Since we all live in the real world, you can eat out on the Programme or get the occasional take-away, but you’ll learn what to look for on the menu, which foods are best avoided, which limited, and which you can have plenty of. All zest4life Programmes are lead by qualified nutritional therapists, so you can be sure to get up-to-date nutrition information.

So, what would you eat? Will it be yummy, will you feel deprived? Here’s a comparison of two ‘typical’ food diaries. The first one lists the foods many people would eat on a typical working day, the second one is an example of what you might eat on a zest4life Programme: 


A bowl of cornflakes, a banana, milk(33 GL)

Mid-morning Snack
2 chocolate digestives (12 GL)

Tuna Salad Baguette (15 GL)

Mid-afternoon Snack
a bag of crisps (11 GL)

Pizza with tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese and salad (23 GL)

Not a crazy day of excessive eating, is it? Quite normal, wouldn’t you say? And yet these foods have a combined glycaemic load of 94. What that means, exactly, will be explained on the Programme. For now, suffice it to say that for weight loss, we are aiming at a glycaemic load of 45 per day. Less than half that of the example above:


A bowl of low-GL granola, a generous handful of mixed berries, milk (8 GL)

Mid-morning Snack
1 apple with a handful of almonds (2 GL)

Tuna Nicoise Wrap or Avocado & Prawn Salad (10 GL)

2 rough oatcakes and ½ tub of hummus (5 GL)

Chicken with cherry tomatoes & crème frâiche, roasted vegetables, new potatoes (10 GL)


This day is not all that different from the first example, on the face of it, and yet the total glycaemic load comes to just 35 – so there’s even some room for more, if you needed it. However, it doesn’t look like a day on a diet, does it? Would you feel deprived or hungry, do you think?

On the Programme, I will explain how when and what you eat affects your body chemistry and ultimately your energy levels, cravings and weight. You will be eating ‘proper food’ that will keep you satisfied and energised and actually tastes good as well! zest4life Programmes are held in small groups to ensure time for individual attention. Furthermore, the group provides a fun and supportive environment. All sessions are part nutrition education and part group coaching, which is designed to remove limiting beliefs and other barriers to weight loss.

My next zest4life Group Programme starts next week, on 13 April 2016 at space282 in Leigh-on-Sea. 

Topics this term include:

       Detox in time for summer

       Overcoming Emotional Eating

       Skin Health

       Healthy Habits

       Seasonal Foods + Spring Foods

       Holiday Survival Planning

As a special spring offer, the programme is available for £127.00 (regular price £165).  I currently have a few guest passes to give away: Why not attend the first session for free and then decide whether you’ll join?

Click here for more information and to apply for your guest pass.