Ever heard of NSV?

NSV is an abbreviation I kept coming across on social media, on pages to do with weight loss and health. Turns out it stands for Non-Scale Victories, and it is something I am very familiar with.

My weight loss clients come to see me, because they want to lose weight. Of course they do – duh! But they invariably walk way with so much more: with NSVs!


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The recommendations I give encourage slow weight loss for a variety of reasons: fast weight loss tends to occur with very low-calorie diets, which are not only difficult to do, but more than anything they are difficult to maintain. I do not want to offer a ‘quick fix’, because they never last. On a very low-calorie diet, you will be hungry all the time, but what’s worse is that they are likely to slow down your metabolism, which means your body will economise, burning fewer calories at rest. As a result, you are likely to put all the weight back on and then some once you stop. And stop you will, because it’s a miserable existence. I don’t think that works for anyone. Another downside of fast weight loss is that it increases the risk for gallstones – not nice.

So it can sometimes happen that clients are feeling a little disappointed with just losing 1-2lbs per week. Yet it doesn’t take long before they experience benefits they had not expected. Here some examples from my clinic:

One client noticed that even after moderate weight loss her joints had stopped hurting. She was now able to walk up and down stairs, even carrying heavy things, without pain.

Another lady had suffered from insomnia for 10 years. Four hours of uninterrupted sleep had been the best she could manage, yet after only a few days after changing her diet she was able to sleep through the night. Here’s her story.

Yet another lady suffered constipation her entire life, only going to the bathroom every 2-3 days. After four weeks on my programme, the constipation was history. She was now able to go every day, “like a clockwork”, she said. Read her story here.

And then there was this client who suffered daily headaches. At the beginning of each session, I ask clients to rate the symptoms that affect them most on a scale of 0-6. A few weeks into her programme, I asked this lady how bad her headaches were now. She thought about, then said: “Do you know what? I’ve not had a headache in at least three weeks. I can’t actually remember!” She was astonished that she hadn’t noticed a symptom that had plagued her on a daily basis for years vanishing. It wasn't until I asked that she realised.

So those are NSVs! Non-scale victories. Benefits that clients experience beyond weight loss.

Although it was the desire to lose weight that drove them to pick up the phone and call me, they now found that they got so much more than that. Most tell me that their NSVs are worth more to them than weight loss. They just hadn’t gone to seek help for their ails, because they hadn’t thought that diet would make a difference. But it does, I see it happen every day.

So even if you do not need or want to lose weight: If you suffer from niggling symptoms that you may even have accepted as ‘part of you’, consider giving me a call. You’ll reach me on 07753 625839 or via email under melanie@nutriliciousnutrition.co.uk. I look forward to speaking to you!