body fat

Get your hormones back into line

Hormones rule our lives. They are the chemical messengers that make us feel happy or sad, hungry or full, tired or ready to get up and go. They make us sleep or keep us awake, put on weight or lose it, make us love, bond, enjoy sex and procreate ... or prevent all of those. But are we slaves to our hormones? To we have to put up with what we're given? Are some people just lucky to get all the good ones? 

Why are we always hungry?

A new review concludes that appetite does not predict energy intake, i. e. how hungry we are doesn't give any clues about how many calories we are about to eat. I'm not surprised, because a calorie is not a calorie and how full and satisfied we feel after a meal has a more to do with what we are eating than the calories our food contains.