Ever heard of NSV?

Healthy, sustainable weight loss can be slow, but the scales are not the be all and end all. Apart from the fact that you might lose 2lbs of fat and gain 2lbs of muscle - which would not show on the scales, but increase your metabolic rate and mean a loser waistband - they do not know about what else has changed: You could feel so much better than you did before. Ever heard of NSV? Read on to find out what they are. 

Go nuts!

Do you avoid nuts because you are worried about the calories? Don't! Nuts are a great addition to the diet and there is much more to them than 'calories' (which don't even matter all that much). On the flipside, there are some health concerns to consider with nuts, not only for those that are allergic, so have a read of the pros and cons. 

Don't resolve to diet

After the indulgences of Christmas, the New Year is a time when we are looking forward to a fresh start, a time to reinvent ourselves and to become the 'New Me'. The most popular New Year's resolution is 'losing weight', and to this end, most people decide to go on a diet. For the majority of us, however, that won't last very long. We just haven't got the willpower. But wait: What if willpower doesn't come into it? Read on to understand why diets don't work and what New Year's resolution is worth making. 

Why are we always hungry?

A new review concludes that appetite does not predict energy intake, i. e. how hungry we are doesn't give any clues about how many calories we are about to eat. I'm not surprised, because a calorie is not a calorie and how full and satisfied we feel after a meal has a more to do with what we are eating than the calories our food contains.