fatty liver

Don't resolve to diet

After the indulgences of Christmas, the New Year is a time when we are looking forward to a fresh start, a time to reinvent ourselves and to become the 'New Me'. The most popular New Year's resolution is 'losing weight', and to this end, most people decide to go on a diet. For the majority of us, however, that won't last very long. We just haven't got the willpower. But wait: What if willpower doesn't come into it? Read on to understand why diets don't work and what New Year's resolution is worth making. 

Addicted to Broccoli?

We're always told that it doesn't matter what we eat, as long as we control our calorie intake: Eat less, move more, and we'll be fine. If that doesn't work for us, then we're just too greedy and too lazy. But what if it's not that simple? Our body chemistry has a whole arsenal of 'chemical weapons' that make us go in search of just the foods we're trying to avoid. Willpower doesn't even get a look in.