A gluten-free diet is hard! Or is it?

You've just started to eliminate gluten from your diet, but gluten is in everything. There's nothing left to eat. Is that how you feel? You're right, it is omnipresent, but does avoiding it mean that there is nothing but a life of dietary misery in front of you? I think not! There is a growing community of people out there whose diets happen to be gluten-free by default and they are not missing a thing. Read on to find out more. 

Food Allergy or Food Intolerance? What's the difference?

Did you know that 45% of us are suffering from some kind of food intolerance? Yet most of us don't even know it and have accepted the often mild, but niggling symptoms as part of the way we are. Others are quite sure that something doesn't agree with them. Note though that 'food allergy' and 'food intolerance' are not the same thing. Read my today's blog to find out how they differ.

What's left for me to eat?

The healthiest diets are those that have variety. However some conditions unfortunately warrant the avoidance of certain foods either temporarily or forever. If you have been told to cut out gluten, wheat, yeast or dairy, don't despair: Life without these foods is possible, and you may even find that your menu becomes a lot more interesting. 

Is bread going out of fashion?

Is bread going out of fashion?

Sales of bread are in decline. More and more people are avoiding it for a variety of reasons. Some have simply added pitta bread and wraps to their menu for variety, but others are giving health reasons. But what health implications are there in connection to bread?