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A gluten-free diet is hard! Or is it?

You've just started to eliminate gluten from your diet, but gluten is in everything. There's nothing left to eat. Is that how you feel? You're right, it is omnipresent, but does avoiding it mean that there is nothing but a life of dietary misery in front of you? I think not! There is a growing community of people out there whose diets happen to be gluten-free by default and they are not missing a thing. Read on to find out more. 

What have bacteria ever done for you?

Since scientists discovered that we host a huge population of bacteria in our digestive system, research hs revealed that they help us digest foods and food particles that we our own enzymes cannot break down, defend our gut wall from hostile intruders and train our juvenile immune cells before they are sent on their way around the body to protect us from illness and infection. As if that wasn't amazing enough, it doesn't end there. 

Exercise for weight loss - Is it worth doing?

They say that "you cannot outrun a bad diet". Does that mean that there's no need to exercise when you want to lose weight? Not really. While exercise might not contribute as much to weight loss as is commonly thought, there is still a very good reason to keep working out: your body composition. Building muscle has a number of advantages, and exercise also helps to maintain bone health. 

Why do we need omega-3 fats?

Why do we need omega-3 fats?

Why do we read so much about the importance of omega-3 fats? What is it anyway and what does it do? Omega-3 is an 'essential' fat, meaning that we must get it from our diet, our body cannot make it. But which foods can we get it from and what do we need to know? This blog entry sheds some light on the issue.