Nutrition Bites

Lunchtime Talks - from £299

These interactive talks take approximately 45 minutes, leaving 10 - 15 minutes for questions and answers. Topics include: 

Get your bounce back! - How what and when you eat affects your energy and stress levels

Eat to beat heart disease

Eat to beat diabetes

Balance Hormones Naturally

Why fat doesn't make us fat - and what does


Bounce Back Workshop

2-hour interactive session - from £449

In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of a healthy diet, how when and what they eat affects their energy levels, and how to eat right to manage stress. In an interactive session, they will be able to test what they have learned and how to implement this in practice, e. g. how to make the best choices in the staff canteen, when eating out or travelling. 

Participants will also have the option to get a body composition analysis, measuring body fat percentage, fat mass, muscle mass, and visceral fat (i. e. fat around the internal organs).


Happy Gut Workshop

2-hour interactive session - from £449

In this workshop, participants will follow the journey of a sandwich through the digestive tract to learn what happens to it and its constituents on the way. Along the journey through the gut we will explore how digestion works, what can go wrong and what we can do to improve digestion, absorption and elimination. There will be demonstrations and small experiments to illustrate the points made and to explain easy and cost effective home tests. Course materials will be provided. 


Health & Weight Loss Programmes

10-Week Programme - from 6 Participants - from £249 pp

Diets don't work, which is now well established. The main reason for this is that they are difficult to sustain over the long term. Only a permanent diet and lifestyle change will lead to long-term results. In groups of up to 12 participants, your employees will learn about healthy eating and how to achieve the best health improvements, energy and weight loss, step by step. The programme consists of part nutrition education, part motivational group coaching designed to help your employees implement the changes. No food group is excluded, and there are no meal replacements involved. Your employees will get:

  • Weekly meetings with a fun and inspiring group of colleagues
  • Step by step guidance on the low GL way of eating including meal plans and recipes
  • Health and nutrition topics to empower and inspire participants
  • Course materials
  • Weekly monitoring of body composition fat mass / muscle mass 
  • Food diary review and personalised dietary recommendations
  • Motivational group coaching
  • Motivational emails
  • Continued support and guidance from a qualified Nutritional Therapist

Health & Weight Loss Online Programmes

from £49 per person

These are an excellent way to get started on a healthy diet of easy, quick, fuss-free, yet yummy foods for all the family. The plans do not contain any hard-to-find ingredients and the recipes won't take much time to make. Anything you need, from breakfasts options to set you up for the day, through packed lunches, and family dinners is included in the plan. In just 20 days, participants don't just lose weight, but get much more: more energy, better sleep, more patience, better mood, feeling less stressed. Plans can run between 20 days and six weeks. 

A closed Facebook group is there for support through Melanie as well as other group members, for asking questions, share successes, post pictures of food and exercise choices, exchange tips and much more. 

  • recipes
  • closed Facebook group for participants only
  • body composition analysis at the beginning and end (and the middle on a six-week programme)


Here's what former participants had to say: 

I found the workshop very beneficial especially seeing the different portion sizes for different foods in person. Also it was helpful that we got shown what we could eat as a healthy alternative for foods such as rice and muesli. The body composition analysis was also very valuable, especially because Melanie went through what each result meant
The workshop was really helpful and I learned some eye opening facts! I thought Melanie bringing along food in Tupperware was a genius idea as it really showed how the differences in portion sizes can affect our mood and sugar levels. I also suffer from eczema quite badly, so it was interesting to hear how Melanie cleared hers up through changing her diet and generally taking a healthier outlook on life.
I really loved that talk yesterday - one of the things I found really beneficial was that she spoke about her personal experience, so it was a ‘tried and tested’ method and she wasn’t just preaching stuff she didn’t believe in. Always interesting to hear how it affects other people. Also, I really did liked all the science bits – sometimes you’re just told eat this and that because it’s good for you, but she actually went in depth of explain the effect things have on your body etc. I’ll defo think twice about my second morning coffee from now on!
Although I found the workshop interesting, I did struggle to understand the first half of the presentation as it was very heavy. I would’ve liked to learn more about healthy food substitutes and good fats vs bad fats. I found the body composition machine fascinating though, just finding out my weight for the first time in a year has spurred me on to move more!