I frequently give talks and workshops on health and nutrition topics at the Leigh Community Centre or at space282 in Leigh-on-Sea. New dates are announced here and via my fortnightly newsletter, Nutrilicious News


What to Eat

Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 7 pm

Did you know that we don’t need milk to strengthen your bones? That saturated fat does not cause heart disease and that eggs are good for us? “Hang on,” you might think, “that’s not what I’ve been told … “ 

Why is nutrition information always so confusing? Which information can we trust? How can you judge what’s good and what isn’t? What’s the best diet for humans? Or more to the point: What on earth should we eat? 

It’ll answer the questions above and many more and you will walk away with a much better idea of how to choose your foods. 

Understanding Diabetes

Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 7 pm 

Diabetes is on the rise, not just in the UK but across the Western world. In the UK, 3.77 million have been diagnosed with diabetes, but many more are thought to suffer from it, only they have not been diagnosed yet. The total number of diabetics in the UK is estimated to be at 4.6 million (numbers by Diabetes UK). 

These are frightening numbers, particularly since the most common form of diabetes – type 2 – is now known to be almost entirely diet and lifestyle related and to be completely preventable in the majority of cases!  

In my talk “Understanding Diabetes” I will explain how diabetes develops, how it is currently treated, the latest science and what people with diabetes and pre-diabetes can do to manage the illness better. Although the talk will focus on type 2 diabetes, all forms of diabetes will be touched upon and it will be of interest to type 1 sufferers as well. 

Understanding Sleep

Wednesday, 21 November 2018, 7 pm

Sleep can seem like a bit of a waste of time, can’t it? We’re all busy, who can find the time to sleep anymore? Have you ‘trained’ yourself to get by with less? But even those of us who do appreciate sleep and do go to bed at a reasonable time may find themselves tossing and turning and, try as we might, we just can’t sleep ... 

Over the last few years, much research has been done into sleep: What happens in our body while we sleep? Do we need sleep at all? How much? What can we do to enhance sleep? Can we ‘learn’ to need less sleep? 

Join me at my talk on the fascinating subject of sleep. Learn how you can enhance your chances to get the sleep you need and how diet and lifestyle can support you in that quest.