Health and Weight Loss Group Programmes

My Health and Weight Loss Programmes are based on the low-GL Diet, a low-carb (not 'no-carb') approach that aims to keep blood sugar and insulin levels within a healthy range. There is no calorie counting, recipes are easy to follow and the food is yummy and filling. I don't like to think of a 'diet' as something you do and then it ends. Because: What then? What really works is a way of eating that is sustainable forever - and the low-carb way is. 

Of course, knowing what to eat is only part of the deal: We all have at least a vague idea of what constitutes a healthy diet, but that doesn't mean that we eat accordingly. That's because there is so much more to food and eating than meets the eye. As a trained zest4life Health Coach, I can help you overcome barriers that are holding you back and find your way to a diet and lifestyle that fits your life. 

Learning the principles of the low-GL approach and the basics of nutrition, finding the right kind of exercise for you, exploring your options and mapping the route to health for you is so much more fun in a group with friends, family or colleagues. For 6 weeks, you an compare notes, spur each other on, share your own tips and tricks and celebrate your achievements together in weekly meetings. 

From £135 pp

Minimum number of participants: 4  - Minimum number of weeks: 6


The venue is a central location in Leigh-on-Sea, near Waitrose.


What's included?

  • Weekly meetings in a fun and inspiring group;
  • Step by step guidance on the low-GL way of eating, including meal plans and recipes;
  • Health and nutrition topics to empower and inspire you;
  • Course materials
  • Weekly monitoring of body composition: fat mass / muscle mass / hydration
  • Food diary reviews and personalised dietary recommendations
  • Motivational group coaching
  • Continued support and guidance from a qualified Nutritional Therapist