What is Nutritional Therapy?

We cannot expect our body to function 100% unless we supply the nutrients it needs, removing what it doesn't need and what might even be harmful.

Nutritional therapy is a powerful tool in the management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes II, cardio-vascular disease, arthritis, digestive disorders, stress and many more. Nutritional therapists work with clients, usually on an individual basis, to identify and improve nutritional factors that may contribute to their complaints, helping clients to put in place a change of dietary habits wherever necessary and guiding them on their way back to health. Sometimes, functional tests are used to identify specific issues, and the use of supplements may be recommended.


Note: My advice should never be taken as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before making changes to your diet.

Diet MOT


Would you like to change your diet, but don't know where to start? Do you think that you have a good diet, but would like to see if there's room for improvement? Did you recently switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet and want to make sure that you are getting all the nutrients you need? Then the Diet MOT might be the perfect option for you.

  • 1 Consultation (60 Minutes)
  • 3-7 day Food Diary Review 
  • Body Composition Analysis (if desired)


Personalised Health Programmes

from £255

In order to understand your current health issues and your goals and to work through a new eating plan for you, consider the right supplements and possible biochemical tests, we will need to work together over a period of time. It is unlikely that you would benefit of a 'one-off' appointment. The duration of your programme will depend on your current health status and what you want to achieve, but will typically start with an initial 12 weeks.

My Health Programmes typically include the following elements, providing fortnightly support to help you implement the recommendations:

  • Initial Consultation - 60 - 90 minutes
  • 2 Follow-up Consultations - either face-to-face or via Skype/phone - 30 - 45 mins each
  • 2 Mini Progress Review Calls between appointments - 15 mins each
  • up to 2 15-minute calls to answer questions that might arise (as required), further calls will be chargeable (see Terms of Business). 
  • In-depth Health & Lifestyle Assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress
  • Food Diary Review
  • Personalised nutrition advice and supplement plan
  • Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation, if applicable
  • Recommendations on functional tests and interpretation

Programmes start from £255 for a 12-week programme.

Note: Supplements and/or functional tests will be charged separately. For consultations in London there will be a surcharge of £20 per face-to-face consultation.