Sensible Weight Loss for Life

Leigh-on-Sea's nutritionist-led weekly wellbeing group, where health and happiness comes first and weight loss is a welcome side effect. 

It's fun, it's friendly and it works!

Learn how the body works and how to shift it out of fat-storage and into fat-burning mode. Learn how to fuel your body properly, and it will be able to give you what you need: energy - health - happiness.


Why join Sensible Weight Loss for Life?

  • nutrition education to understand how your body works
  • weekly body composition analysis
  • weekly wellbeing topics (eg emotional eating, digestion, stress)
  • supportive environment and closed Facebook group, just for you
  • weekly coaching to understand your barriers to weight loss and how to overcome them. Coaching makes you 80% more likely to achieve your goal
  • this is not about losing weight- it's about changing your body composition and losing fat


the programme

Session 1:  Get started! Nutrition Basics and Ground Rules

Session 2:  Body Composition and the Role of Exercise

Session 3:  How to have a Happy Gut

Session 4:  Break free from Emotional Eating

Session 5:  Boost your Immunity

Session 6: Eat to Beat Stress

Apply now - Places are limited


When?  Wednesdays  7:00 - 8:30 pm - starting 24 January

Where? Leigh-on-Sea (near Waitrose)

Cost?  First 2 sessions are free of charge - remaining 4 sessions £115 - decide to stay after Session 2


To apply for your place, please click here and send a message, email or ask to join the Sensible Weight Loss for Life closed Facebook Group.

Weight loss is not just for January - it's for life!