I started my weight loss mission with Melanie in November 2017 knowing that with Christmas approaching very fast it would be a challenge. I had previously tried every other national weight loss programme with very little success. My weight and general health was at an all time low. Melanie helped me identify short term goals and explained that a diet should be a way of eating for your overall health and well-being. We did not just focus on weight loss, but on quality of life issues such as a good night’s sleep and exercise. Melanie helped me focus on nutrition, not calories, and I realised very quickly why other weight loss programmes had not worked for me. I would totally recommend this programme and I am pleased to say that I will be approaching my retirement with a new lease of life.
— Elaine Beattie, Southend-on-Sea
Before starting my programme I was suffering from extreme tiredness and fatigue. Most days I was sleeping for over 12 hours per day and needed to nap during the day. My work and personal life were both severely affected.

I had explored traditional routes (i.e. GP) but was convinced my fatigue was caused by dietary issues. My fatigue is now non-existent I was able to resolve the issues through diet changes and supplements. With Melanie’s help I now have the knowledge to identify foods that causes my fatigue and how to resolve should I experience any symptoms in the future.

I would strongly recommend Melanie to help assist others through their therapy programme.
— Mark R, Leigh-on-Sea
When I first came to see Melanie, my stomach problems were really quite bad. I really didn’t know if anyone could help me. After more than a year of problems and several visits to the doctors I was at the end of my tether. Melanie recommended a test which found two types of bad bacteria and a yeast problem. I would definitely recommend Melanie.
She has helped me realise there was a problem and I was not imagining my symptoms.
— Mrs Blewitt, Basildon
I joined the Zest4Life program under Melanie’s supervision in November 2015; of course, I have had successes and set-backs, but with Melanie’s constant and competent care, I am now well on the way to achieving my goal weight. My general health has improved, cholesterol level dropped, arthritic joint pain almost disappeared, with body fat gradually converting to muscle. Melanie’s help was crucial in convincing me that, although the low GL programme is effective, it is made even more so if combined with regular exercise. To regular swimming sessions, I added visits to the gym two or three times a week, with amazing results. I have now lost nearly a stone in weight and dropped a dress size. Above all, I owe Melanie the will to continue towards even better health. She is a wonderful motivator!
— Francine Cronin, London
I’m on week 2 and already I’m sleeping all night, something I haven’t done in a decade. I feel better. More alive and have bags of energy. Discovering Melanie has changed my life.
— Sue Nash, Leigh-on-Sea
My energy wasn’t what it used to be, and I thought maybe my diet wasn’t quite right. So I booked a Diet MOT with Melanie, and in just one session, she advised me to slightly change the composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in my diet. I was hoping to feel better eventually, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. My energy was up within days! If you think your diet might have room for improvement, I thoroughly recommend seeing Melanie.
— Dalia Mikneviciute, Southend-on-Sea
I have just finished a 6 week programme and lost over 9 lbs, easily! It has been life changing and an education. I love the food I eat, I eat more than I ever did before, Melanie keeps it real and understands normal life so makes it as easy as possible. Even if you do not want to lose weight, you should see Melanie, see will educate you about food and nutrition.
— Jaime Lawson, Leigh-on-Sea
My health was generally ok, but I had issues with food cravings. [Health Coaching with Melanie was] a positive experience and it really helped to talk things through. Reducing stress in my life and time management have been key to helping me cope with better food choices. Everyone is individual and this will be especially designed for you – so give it a go!
— Mrs CM, Southend-on-Sea
I have a problem with my joints, feeling tired and often in pain. My knees are particularly painful. I feel better now. My general wellbeing has improved. Better levels of energy. The pain in the knees is still there, but it is bearable. I can walk longer hours, planning to go on a hike. I would definitely recommend nutritional therapy to anyone. I was very lucky with my nutritional therapist, Melanie. She took great care in trying to find the right and appropriate remedies for me. I am very happy with the result.
— Mrs GK, London
I have lost exactly 1 stone in weight in six weeks - which was one week ahead of my target - thanks to the fantastic Health & Nutrition Coaching by Melanie Ryan & Nutrilicious. The amazing thing is that I have actually been eating more food (clearly it’s the right food now though!) and I have heaps more energy and feel great, too, plus I haven’t been feeling hungry, which makes it much easier to avoid eating ‘junk’.
— Elaine Hills, Westcliff-on-Sea
Zest4life with individual, professional coaching by Melanie was exactly what I needed. I lost 8lbs in 8 weeks, I can go up two flights of stairs without getting out of breath. Since the Programme is well designed (meals and snacks), I never go hungry. I no longer crave sugar or sweet snacks. I look forward to continuing on the programme for a while and feeling even better! It is well worth a try! Highly recommended!
— Mrs FC, London