I have been working with Melanie Ryan now for three months and she has helped me change my life for the better. With her knowledge and assistance I have altered my eating habits and diet and have lost a significant amount of weight. I don’t feel that I am on a diet but have changed my diet in line with Melanie’s advice and recommendations. This has worked wonders in a very short space of time and without any real effort. Her knowledge and expertise in a whole range of areas is impressive and she has taught me a lot about nutrition and health matters. I could not have done it without her and the support system she puts in place for her clients. Highly recommended.
— Jeffrey Kinn, Leigh-on-Sea
I started my weight loss mission with Melanie in November 2017 knowing that with Christmas approaching very fast it would be a challenge. I had previously tried every other national weight loss programme with very little success. My weight and general health was at an all time low. Melanie helped me identify short term goals and explained that a diet should be a way of eating for your overall health and well-being. We did not just focus on weight loss, but on quality of life issues such as a good night’s sleep and exercise. Melanie helped me focus on nutrition, not calories, and I realised very quickly why other weight loss programmes had not worked for me. I would totally recommend this programme and I am pleased to say that I will be approaching my retirement with a new lease of life.
— Elaine Beattie, Southend-on-Sea
Before starting my programme I was suffering from extreme tiredness and fatigue. Most days I was sleeping for over 12 hours per day and needed to nap during the day. My work and personal life were both severely affected.

I had explored traditional routes (i.e. GP) but was convinced my fatigue was caused by dietary issues. My fatigue is now non-existent I was able to resolve the issues through diet changes and supplements. With Melanie’s help I now have the knowledge to identify foods that causes my fatigue and how to resolve should I experience any symptoms in the future.

I would strongly recommend Melanie to help assist others through their therapy programme.
— Mark R, Leigh-on-Sea